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Long & Low Scooter Build

It has been so cold here, and not great riding weather, I decided to do some custom work on my scooter.

Basically I am calling this mod, Long & Low, because I am going to stretch out the scoot about 6 inches and then lower it about 2 inches. I am also going to paint the entire scooter, as well as stroke the motor.

You can follow me on You Tube, I have the links at I will also add some photos on this blog as I proceed.

Progress: At this point I have already welded up the motor mounts, and rear shock mount, I have started sanding down the plastic body panels and will stroke the motor next week. Enjoy the photo’s.

The begining

The begining


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Approaching Holidays

This time of the year it just seems hard to get any work done on the scooter we are upgrading, just too much stuff going on.

Having said that, I have done a lot to it already. You can see the videos on You Tube. I am going to tear down my motor again in the next few weeks and add the stroker 2mm crank. I should of done that to start with.

So far I am really impressed with the performance, this thing flies, I can smoke my rear tire on pull away. I think maybe I will do a burn-out and show it on you tube.

Anyway it’s late now, my eyes are kind of blurry, so I don’t really know what I am typing here, so see you next time.

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Handle Bars or just same old….???

I really do think most Scooters are pretty cool. The one thing I have always felt is the least cool thing about my scooter, or rather all scooters, is the handlebar setup. The way it is all enclosed in plastic.

Ok, so here we go again, tore all the plastic off, I am replacing the entire setup with a nice billet aluminum handlebar mount, and some nice bars, motorcycle style!

I will have some videos up on You Tube in a couple of days.

I will also have to figure out a new tach, speedometer, and fuel gauge.

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MonsterGY6 Builds a fast one..

Well, I finally decided to use all the products we sell, and build a really fast scooter.

I started with a 150cc Bashan, I will have photo’s and videos to document the build pretty soon, but here are a few of my ideas.

Take the stock 150 motor, tear it down, bore the cases out, install a 2mm stroker crank, a 63mm big bore kit with an A9 performance cam. I will most likely go to a larger carb, have not decided what to use yet.

On the CVT side, I’ll go with our Velocita 115mm variator and fan, our Velocita clutch with 1500rpm springs and a 1500rpm main spring.

I am going to use our Velocita Chromed clutch bell, and then cut the CVT cover out to expose the clutch bell, I have done a few of these, it looks really cool, kinda like an open primary on a large V twin.

On the elctronic side I will use our Velocit No Rev CDI, with adjustable timing, and our Velocita performance coil.

With regard to the suspension, I have already installed the NCY gas shocks, and next I will install the NCY front forks, I have already installed the NCY wave rotor.

To handle the large displacement motor, I will use our Velocita performance exhaust.

I am also going to do some mods to the body work, add LED lights and modify the handlebars, stay tuned.

The stock set up made 7.38 HP on the DYNO at 7600RPM. here’s the big question, What do you think we will do on the Dyno after the mods?

We’ll see.

You can also follow us on Twitter.

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